Performance Measure
Measure Name
Number of acres funded by Reforestation of Timberlands Act financial incentives.
Measure Last Modified
Jan 22 2015 09:45
Measure Last Published
Jun 05 2017 11:04
Measure Status
Data Source and Calculation
Information Management System (IMS) is the data source for the baseline data and the Kinsail system will be the source beginning in 2014. The calculation is the acreage associated with the Reforestation of Timberland (RT) projects funded in the fiscal year.
Enterprise Priorities and Strategies
Enterprise InitiativeEnterprise PriorityEnterprise Strategy
EconomyBusiness Climate and Economic DevelopmentPromote Virginia’s competitive business climate to maintain the designation as the best state for business.
Associated Service Areas
SA CodeSA Name
50102Reforestation Incentives to Private Forest Land Owners
Measure ID411.0001
Measure ClassAgency Key
Measure TypeOutcome
Year TypeState FY
Preferred TrendIncrease
Statistical UnitNumber of Acres
Baseline and Targets
Target NameDateResultNote
Short Target 2018
Long Target 2020
Measure Results
YearResultExplanatory Note
201539,502.00657 single practice and 244 multiple practice Reforestation of Timberland (RT) cost-share projects were funded in 2015.
- Run Date: 01/20/2018 04:18:17