Performance Measure
Measure Name
Amount of annual allocation of state funds for student financial aid.
Measure Last Modified
Apr 16 2015 12:53
Measure Last Published
Jun 18 2015 11:37
Measure Status
Data Source and Calculation
Student financial aid funds are allocated in the state budget (Acts of Appropriation) as items within the SCHEV budget. This measure reflects the sum of five budget items (aid programs): (i) Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG) Program; (ii) Space Grant Program; (iii) Military Survivors Program; (iv) Transfer Grant; and (v) Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership (VWIL) Program.
Enterprise Priorities and Strategies
Enterprise InitiativeEnterprise PriorityEnterprise Strategy
EducationHigher Education Access and AffordabilityContinue to strengthen Virginia’s system of community colleges and four-year institutions and promote greater access and affordability for all Virginians.
Associated Service Areas
SA CodeSA Name
Measure ID24510810.001.001
Measure ClassAgency Key
Measure TypeOutcome
Year TypeState FY
Preferred TrendStable
Statistical UnitDollars
Baseline and Targets
Target NameDateResultNote
Short Target 2018
Long Target 2020
Measure Results
YearResultExplanatory Note
- Run Date: 03/27/2017 12:39:57