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Department of Health (601)
Strategic PlanningBiennium

The Virginia Department of Health is dedicated to protecting the health and promoting the well-being of all people in Virginia.

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Document TypeBiennium
Strategic Plan2008-2010
Strategic Plan2010-2012
Strategic Plan2012-2014
Executive Progress Report2012-2014
Budget Information
BienniumChapter TitleYear 1Year 2Year 1Year 2
2016-2018Chapter 780, 2016 Appropriation Act$699,147,657$699,000,1853,682.003,682.00
2014-2016Chapter 732, Caboose Bill$641,233,340$646,112,6833,676.003,680.00
2012-2014Chapter 1, 2014 Acts of Assembly$621,434,928$627,043,6283,759.003,759.00
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There are no actively funded capital projects associated with this agency
Performance Measures
Active performance measures for this agency
Detailed Measures Report - Table Format
Measure NameMeasure Class
Injury hospitalization for youth 0-19 years of age Other Agency
Maintain the number of low income children and adolescents receiving dental services (including sealants) in local health departments.Other Agency
Newborn survival rate per 1000 live birthsAgency Key
Number of children and pregnant women with access to healthy and nutritional foodAgency Key
Number of Children with Special Health Care Needs receiving care coordination services.Other Agency
Number of Community-based Nursing Home Pre-admission screens performed.Other Agency
Number of data reports automated and available on the data warehouse Other Agency
Number of J-1 visa waiver recommendationsOther Agency
Number of licensed EMS agencies that are submitting pre-hospital data with minimum quality score of 98 to the Virginia Prehospital Information Bridge and version 3 National EMS Information system.Other Agency
Number of local health departments that have obtained recognition by the National Association of County and City Health Officials through the Project Public Health Ready program.Agency Key
Number of months from the close of data to production of the DHS statistical annual reportOther Agency
Number of scholarships or loan repayment recipients receiving awardsOther Agency
Number of small rural hospitals receiving technical assistance and fundingOther Agency
Number of suitable cadavers provided to Virginia medical schools and research centers.Other Agency
Percent of requests for public health assessments of exposure to chemicals and biological agents responded to within 48 hours of receipt.Other Agency
Percent of risk factors discovered at inspection of restaurants that are corrected at the time of inspectionAgency Key
Percent of violations corrected within 30 days of the date VDH sends the Notice of Violation for radioactive material licenses.Other Agency
Percentage of active Tuberculosis Cases Completing a Standard Treatment Regime within 12 monthsOther Agency
Percentage of adolescents (age 13-17) receiving 3 doses of HPV vaccine Other Agency
Percentage of children receiving 4 doses of Dtap by age 2Agency Key
Percentage of Death Investigations completed within 90 days Other Agency
Percentage of Failing Onsite Sewage Systems Corrected Within 60 Days of Local Health Departments becoming Aware of the IssueAgency Key
Percentage of food service establishment inspections completed within required time frames Productivity
Percentage of health care facilities inspected within the required time frames Other Agency
Percentage of people linked to HIV care after a positive HIV testOther Agency
Percentage of program expenditures for drinking water construction financing spent in expected time frames. Other Agency
Percentage of reported disease cases in which control measures were initiated within Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) required timeframesOther Agency
Percentage of serious violations corrected within 45 days notification for X-ray registrantsOther Agency
Percentage of Shellfish and Crustacea Plant Establishment Inspections Completed Within Required TimeframesOther Agency
Percentage of staff that respond to the health alerting messages within 60 minutes of receiving alertsOther Agency
Percentage of Virginians who participated in any physical activities in the last 30 daysOther Agency
Percentage of waterworks inspections completed within established time framesOther Agency
Percentage of women reporting smoking during pregnancyOther Agency
Pregnancy rate of women age 15-19 yearsOther Agency
The number of primary and secondary syphilis incidence rates per 1,000 persons.Other Agency
35 Measures
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