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Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (403)
Strategic PlanningBiennium

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries mission is to: 

Manage Virginia's wildlife and inland fish to maintain optimum populations of all species to serve the needs of the Commonwealth; 

Provide opportunity for all to enjoy wildlife, inland fish, boating and related outdoor recreation and to work diligently to safeguard the rights of the people to hunt, fish and harvest game as provided for in the Constitution of Virginia; 

Promote safety for persons and property in connection with boating, hunting, and fishing; 

Provide educational outreach programs and materials that foster an awareness of an appreciation for Virginia's fish and wildlife resources, their habitats, and hunting, fishing, and boating opportunities. 

Document Archive
Document TypeBiennium
Strategic Plan2008-2010
Strategic Plan2010-2012
Strategic Plan2012-2014
Executive Progress Report2012-2014
Budget Information
BienniumChapter TitleYear 1Year 2Year 1Year 2
2016-2018Chapter 836, 2017 Acts of Assembly$62,809,733$62,833,365496.00496.00
2014-2016Chapter 732, Caboose Bill$59,968,277$59,968,277496.00496.00
2012-2014Chapter 1, 2014 Acts of Assembly$55,977,722$57,242,880496.00496.00
See Current Year Operating Plan  showing budgets broken out by Program
There are 9 active capital projects associated with this agency
Performance Measures
Active performance measures for this agency
Detailed Measures Report - Table Format
Measure NameMeasure Class
Acres of land acquired though acquisition or access agreements Other Agency
Agency/Employee accoladesOther Agency
Establishment and implementation of onboard/off board process Other Agency
Integrate climate change with other state management plans impacting wildlifeOther Agency
Land Conservation priorities set based on impacts from climage change and sea level riseOther Agency
Number of ADA sitesProductivity
Number of awards given to Agency EmployeesOther Agency
Number of contacts (both enforcement and public relation efforts) with hunting, angling, trapping, boating and wildlife viewing public. Agency Key
Number of meetings for agency advisory board and action itemsOther Agency
Number of programs and participantsOther Agency
Number of volunteer recruitment events/programsOther Agency
Percentage of boating accidents in the CommonwealthOther Agency
Percentage/ratio of hunting incidents in the CommonwealthOther Agency
Update the State Wildlife Action Plan to incorporate predicted impacts from climate changeOther Agency
Acres of habitat, partnerships, quail population based on wildlife surveys Other Agency
Bear harvest data and populationOther Agency
Complaints as determined through customer service initiatives and public interactionOther Agency
Compliance with Commonwealth Preparedness standard (score card rating) Agency Key
Customer satisfaction/hunter/angler/creel surveysOther Agency
Develop communication /partnership opportunities between other government/non-government agencies and DGIFOther Agency
Develop communication/partnerships opportunities between industry and DGIFOther Agency
Development of staff communication competencies Other Agency
Employee retention ratesOther Agency
Employee satisfaction (as determined by organizational health survey)Other Agency
Employee Turnover rateOther Agency
Establishment of employee suggestions programOther Agency
Fish populationsOther Agency
Hunter safety course pass rateOther Agency
Increase the number of people participating in fish and wildlife related skills training and education programsProductivity
Individual cost savingsOther Agency
Integrate climate change into species management plans and operationsOther Agency
Mandatory Boating Safety Course Pass RateOther Agency
Monitoring and response efforts for high hazard damsOther Agency
Number of Acres in proximity of Department lands and population of hunter and anglers Other Agency
Number of boat access sites Productivity
Number of breeding pairs of American Oystercatchers (a shorebird species) on the Eastern Shore.Other Agency
Number of call responses for hunting and fishing violationsProductivity
Number of community programsOther Agency
Number of consumers purchasing through Target MarketingOther Agency
Number of counties participating with the black bear management planOther Agency
Number of counties participating with the deer management planOther Agency
Number of cross divisional and agency wide meetingsOther Agency
Number of dams in compliance with Department of Conservation and Recreation regulationsProductivity
Number of employee training sessions on new or revised policies and procedures Other Agency
Number of freshwater trout stockedOther Agency
Number of information sessions provided to employeesOther Agency
Number of items sold through Target MarketingOther Agency
Number of items sold through Target MarketingOther Agency
Number of meetings for industry-agency advisory board and action itemsOther Agency
Number of meetings with License Agent Other Agency
Number of new and revised polices implementedOther Agency
Number of new initiatives or process changesOther Agency
Number of offsets (volunteers to employee) Other Agency
Number of paid calendar salesOther Agency
Number of paid magazine subscriptionsOther Agency
Number of private land owners assistedOther Agency
Number of range participantsOther Agency
Number of shooting ranges—both archery and firearmsOther Agency
Number of technical training opportunities providedOther Agency
Number of volunteer hours across department initiatives.Other Agency
Number of volunteersOther Agency
Percent of Employee SatisfactionOther Agency
Production of put, grow, and take species(hatchery production)Other Agency
Quantity and quality of land preservation and access points for outdoor recreation (in support of "Treasure a Day" initiative).Agency Key
Turnaround time for registration and title applications; watercraft dealers Productivity
Use of space (space management planning)Other Agency
Utility costOther Agency
Wildlife Managment Area participationOther Agency
68 Measures
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