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Chippokes Plantation Farm Foundation (319)
Strategic PlanningBiennium
Chippokes Plantation Farm Foundation provides the public with an enjoyable education experience, which focuses on the history of agriculture, forestry, and conservation. Located on the banks of the historic James River, the Foundation operates one of the oldest continuously farmed plantations in the country.
Performance Budgeting System - 2010-2012 Version 1
Budget Information
BienniumChapter TitleYear 1Year 2Year 1Year 2
2012-2014Chapter 806, 2013 Appropriation Act$185,409$02.000.00
2010-2012Chapter 2, Caboose Bill$184,181$184,1812.002.00
2008-2010Chapter 872, Caboose Bill$204,945$184,2842.002.00
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There are no actively funded capital projects associated with this agency
Performance Measures
Latest performance measures from the Performance Budgeting System for the 2010-2012 biennium
Detailed Measures Report - Table Format
Measure NameAgy or Srv AreaMeasure Class
Number of visitors to the Museum.ServiceAreaOther Agency
1 Measures     2010-2012 Version 1
VP5.10 - Run Date: 04/18/2014 11:48:20