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The Library Of Virginia (202)
Strategic PlanningBiennium
As the Commonwealth's library and archives, the Library of Virginia is a trusted educational institution. We acquire, preserve, and promote access to unique collections of Virginia's history and culture and advance the development of library and records management services statewide.
Performance Budgeting System - 2012-2014 Version 1
Last Published: 8/16/2013  2:45:31 PM
Budget Information
BienniumChapter TitleYear 1Year 2Year 1Year 2
2012-2014Chapter 806, 2013 Appropriation Act$36,657,072$37,343,660198.00198.00
2010-2012Chapter 2, Caboose Bill$37,267,503$36,620,438200.00200.00
2008-2010Chapter 872, Caboose Bill$40,568,811$39,320,296208.00200.00
See Current Year Operating Plan  showing budgets broken out by Program
There are 2 active capital projects associated with this agency
Performance Measures
Latest performance measures from the Performance Budgeting System for the 2012-2014 biennium
Detailed Measures Report - Table Format
Measure NameAgy or Srv AreaMeasure Class
Attendance at library programsServiceAreaOther Agency
Circulation of children's library materialsServiceAreaOther Agency
Circulation of library materials.ServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of active circuit court projects funded by the grant program.ServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of articles viewed, downloaded or printed from the Find It Virginia databases.ServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of attendees at lectures, symposia, and other programs for the public.ServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of contacts with state and local records officersServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of items from the Library’s collections served to users, in print, archival, microform or electronic format.ServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of items of Library archival records processed.ServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of items/pages in the Library's collections preserved through microfilming and digitization.ServiceAreaAgency Key
Number of new bibliographic records added to the Library's online collections catalog.ServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of participants in summer reading programServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of participants in winter reading programServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of professional contacts, site visits, and workshop attendees with the Public Libraries of the Commonwealth.ServiceAreaOther Agency
Number of public library visitsServiceAreaOther Agency
Unit cost of educational programming for K-12 students.ServiceAreaProductivity
16 Measures     2012-2014 Version 1
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