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Department of Elections (132)
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Document TypeBiennium
Strategic Plan2008-2010
Strategic Plan2010-2012
Strategic Plan2012-2014
Executive Progress Report2012-2014
Budget Information
BienniumChapter TitleYear 1Year 2Year 1Year 2
2014-2016Chapter 665, 2015 Acts of Assembly$14,186,269$16,083,56337.0037.00
2012-2014Chapter 1, 2014 Acts of Assembly$13,111,603$12,550,52837.0037.00
2010-2012Chapter 2, Caboose Bill$14,204,866$12,479,00437.0037.00
See Current Year Operating Plan  showing budgets broken out by Program
There are no actively funded capital projects associated with this agency
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