Budget Execution Adjustments
NGF Cash Balance Adjustments for Selected Months of FY2018
Agcy CdAgency NameAdjustment TitleAdjustment TypeRequest NumberTransfer Link IdProgram CdProgram TitleProject CdProject TitleTotal DollarsTotal PositionsDate Sent To Cardinal
501Department of TransportationCost associated w/Cardinal upgradeE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26768699Administrative and Support Services$5,500,0006/21/2017
312Economic Development Incentive PaymentsAppropriate prior year cash CRCF for awardsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26718534Economic Development Services$1,016,0276/26/2017
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityAppropriate prior year cash for CRCF disbursementE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26751534Economic Development Services$63,9736/27/2017
127Department of Emergency Management0002 - Appropriation Request - Fund 0279 - VDRFE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26806776Emergency Response and Recovery$10,1867/7/2017
407Virginia Port AuthorityReappropriate Va Econ Infr Dev GrantE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26876534Economic Development Services$3,732,8177/17/2017
127Department of Emergency ManagementCarry forward year-end sum sufficient appropriation balanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26925776Emergency Response and Recovery$11,1577/19/2017
440Department of Environmental Quality002 - Establish Approp. for the Chlorophyll StudyE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26728512Water Protection$118,7418/8/2017
440Department of Environmental Quality006 - Carryforward Approp. for NPS ProjectsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26746515Environmental Financial Assistance$1,500,0008/8/2017
199Department of Conservation and RecreationAppropriate prior year cash for VRA trans from Fund 09107E - Nongeneral fund cash balance26891503Land and Resource Management$236,7048/8/2017
501Department of TransportationIncrease Appropriation to support Transportation Partnership Opportunity (TPOF),E - Nongeneral fund cash balance26841603Highway Construction Programs$19,047,8628/10/2017
602Department of Medical Assistance ServicesReappropriation of SFY17 UMCH (Fund 0910) Cash BalanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27047464Medical Assistance Services (Non-Medicaid)$549,0878/14/2017
199Department of Conservation and RecreationNGF Appn for WQIF Reserve 09351E - Nongeneral fund cash balance26849503Land and Resource Management$8,274,4748/16/2017
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityAppropriate remaining cash balance of CRCFE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26885534Economic Development Services$2,561,2628/16/2017
207University of VirginiaRe-appropriation and Allotment of 0951 for FY18E - Nongeneral fund cash balance27045110Financial Assistance For Educational and General Services$195,9508/17/2017
156Department of State Police156-FY2018-NDJ-Abbott FundsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27049310Law Enforcement and Highway Safety Services$2,176,3258/17/2017
501Department of TransportationRe-appropriate balance for I-66 Inside the Beltway FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27076606Commonwealth Toll Facilities$16,163,2248/17/2017
208Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityReq. 0002 - Reappropriate CRCF Unspent BalanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27093110Financial Assistance For Educational and General Services$150,2518/17/2017
350Department of Small Business and Supplier DiversityAppropriate cash balance for Small Business Investment GrantE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27099534Economic Development Services$28,4488/18/2017
208Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityReverse BEX 27093E - Nongeneral fund cash balance27224110Financial Assistance For Educational and General Services($150,251)8/18/2017
207University of VirginiaReverse BEX 27045E - Nongeneral fund cash balance27225110Financial Assistance For Educational and General Services($195,950)8/18/2017
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyAppropriate and allot Oxycontin Fund Balance E - Nongeneral fund cash balance26916506Minerals Management$49,1788/25/2017
501Department of TransportationTo Bring Forward Appropriation to Fund 04760 to Support Tolling Construction Spending E - Nongeneral fund cash balance27078606Commonwealth Toll Facilities$2,000,0008/25/2017
836Citizens' Advisory Council on Furnishing and Interpreting the Executive MansionNon-General Fund Cash BalanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26629502Historic and Commemorative Attraction Management$10,2928/30/2017
870Commission on Civics EducationAppropriation of NGF cash balanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27692199Administrative and Support Services$1,2318/30/2017
107Division of Legislative ServicesReappropriation of NGF cash balanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27710784Legislative Research and Analysis$2,4008/30/2017
208Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University208 - 0002 - Reappropriate CRCF Unspent Balance - BEX 27689E - Nongeneral fund cash balance27689110Financial Assistance For Educational and General Services$150,2508/31/2017
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyRevolving Loan Program Administrative Costs - ARRAE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26781507Resource Management Research, Planning, and Coordination$95,4669/18/2017
501Department of TransportationAppropriate Cash Balance to Support Transportation Partnership Opportunity Project SpendingE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27905603Highway Construction Programs$20,000,00010/10/2017
165Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentAppropriate Prior Year Cash - VIDA (07260) FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27092533Community Development Services$500,00010/17/2017
236Virginia Commonwealth UniversityRe-appropriate $188,748 in Fund 0951E - Nongeneral fund cash balance27741110Financial Assistance For Educational and General Services$188,74810/17/2017
301Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesAppropriate a portion of year end cash balance for AFID FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27813534Economic Development Services$1,000,00010/17/2017
268Virginia Institute of Marine ScienceAppropriation and Allotment of Prior Year Insurance RecoveriesE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27935102Higher Education Research$10,00010/17/2017
207University of VirginiaAsbestos Abatement Cash Balance Installment for FY18E - Nongeneral fund cash balance27902107Operation and Maintenance Of Plant$378,15711/15/2017
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyRepurpose ARRA Revolving Loan FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance27963507Resource Management Research, Planning, and Coordination$25,00011/15/2017
790Grants to LocalitiesReappropriate Unexpended FY 2017 Trust FundsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance26929445Financial Assistance for Health Services$1,500,00011/27/2017
790Grants to LocalitiesReverse BEX 26929E - Nongeneral fund cash balance28213445Financial Assistance for Health Services($1,500,000)11/28/2017
199Department of Conservation and RecreationAppropriate 02661 prior year cash E - Nongeneral fund cash balance27222504Leisure and Recreation Services$345,47312/11/2017
505Department of Rail and Public TransportationIncrease Appropriate to fund 426E - Nongeneral fund cash balance28060610Financial Assistance for Rail Programs$45,000,00012/27/2017
141Attorney General and Department of Law141-Appropriation Increase Request for Consumer Protection UnitE - Nongeneral fund cash balance28087552Regulation of Business Practices$403,50012/27/2017
226Board of AccountancyIncrease NGF Appropriaton for the replacement of Mission Critical Licensing Software SystemE - Nongeneral fund cash balance28007560Regulation of Professions and Occupations$500,00012/28/2017
182Virginia Employment CommissionIncrease Special Fund AppropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance28226470Workforce Systems Services$1,300,00012/28/2017
141Attorney General and Department of Law141-SICAP Appropriation IncreaseE - Nongeneral fund cash balance28089320Legal Advice$1,036,5001/3/2018
423Department of Historic ResourcesIncrease to 0280 appropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance28279599Administrative and Support Services$39,5001/3/2018
43 Adjustments ListedTotal Amount$134,025,9820.00