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DPB AnalystAgcy CdAgency Name (formal)
Latosha Johnson (GG)149Administration of Health Insurance
Jason Saunders (GG)995Central Appropriations
Emily Grimes (GG)995Central Appropriations
Emily Grimes (GG)151Department of Accounts
Emily Grimes (GG)162Department of Accounts Transfer Payments
Emily Grimes (GG)132Department of Elections
Emily Grimes (GG)194Department of General Services
Latosha Johnson (GG)129Department of Human Resource Management
Latosha Johnson (GG)122Department of Planning and Budget
Jason Saunders (GG)161Department of Taxation
Latosha Johnson (GG)152Department of the Treasury
Jason Saunders (GG)934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Authority
Brian Logwood (GG)180Secretary of Administration
Brian Logwood (GG)190Secretary of Finance
Brian Logwood (GG)184Secretary of Technology
Latosha Johnson (GG)171State Corporation Commission
Latosha Johnson (GG)155Treasury Board
Jason Saunders (GG)174Virginia College Savings Plan
Jason Saunders (GG)136Virginia Information Technologies Agency
Latosha Johnson (GG)172Virginia Lottery
Jason Saunders (GG)158Virginia Retirement System
Latosha Johnson (GG)191Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission