DPB Budget Appropriations Database
Final Budget for the 2010-2012 Biennium
Chapter 2, 2012 General Assembly Caboose Bill
Secretarial Area CodeAgency CodeAgency TitleCh.2 FY 2011 Total DollarsCh.2 FY 2012 Total DollarsCh.2 FY 2011 Total PositionsCh.2 FY 2012 Total Positions
19193Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry$340,384$340,3843.003.00
19301Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services$57,554,046$58,984,085499.00502.00
19307Agricultural Council$490,334$490,3340.000.00
19411Department of Forestry$25,750,418$26,363,702292.00292.00
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